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We are helping individuals like you to start and grow their own business.


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Have you desired to start your own company someday? Would you like the tools, coaching, and resources to start an online business?


Parodin Inc. is helping individuals who desire to start their an online store to start and grow their business with coaching and mentoring.

We are helping entrepreneurial men and women to start their own eCommerce business. We are looking for individuals who always wanted to start their own company but may have lacked the knowledge, skills, tools, and resources to build and start their dream business.


Who is Parodin Inc.? At Parodin, our duty is to provide the best and most convenient level of eCommerce and Consultancy service by offering innovative and cost-efficient results for small and medium size established and startup businesses.


Parodin specializes in eCommerce Consultancy services for small and medium size businesses. We look at every opportunity to help our clients towards growing their business through an eCommerce platform with convenient advisory services. We have entered the age where electronic commerce is the primary source of shopping, and where the lines between brick and mortar and eCommerce have vanished. Parodin offers a fully integrated online shopping experience to meet today’s consumer’s demands from anywhere, at any time, and on any device through our responsive website design.




Requirements: Candidates should be people who are determined, focused, and willing to be coached. Your commerce will be conducted through your website and you handle distribution as a company. You also receive an eCommerce site built and maintained by Parodin Inc. The amount of inventory depends on what and the amount you purchase for your business. You will keep the merchandise as a business. This is a virtual business you can work anytime, and anywhere. Serious inquiries only.



Parodin Inc. is helping businesses and people with their own eCommerce online store.



Low Initial Investment ($350 up)



We Assist You in Getting Everything You Need:


Business Website


Packaging supplies

Basic Logo Design

eCommerce Business and Marketing Plan

Flexible Work Hours

Expert coaching


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